"Drawing is a universal language."

3D Visualization

My principal modeling software is Cinema 4D. I’ve been working with it for 6 years and have a journeyman’s level of expertise. I’m most comfortable working with objects, but figure modeling and animation is becoming more accessible with every new upgrade.

Architectural Reconstructions

A recent interest I am developing is the construction of historical buildings using ground-level photography as reference.

3D Printing

I worked with Direct Dimensions in Owings Mills, Maryland, to capture the clay original of The Struggler and convert it into a 3D model that was subsequently processed into a successful print.


Pete is a clay sculpture created as a reference maquette for an animated sequence a number of years ago. I resurrected it using photogrammetry and Autodesk ReCap.


Most of my work has been in humorous illustration and caricatures, though I also produced some photorealistic pieces as personal projects. Recently I have developed a digital process in which I combine 3D imagery with traditional techniques to generate complex illustrations of high accuracy.



Humorous storytelling

Medical Illustration

Video Production

Ductload Snaptics (Investor Overview)
New Arts Foundry (How It Works)

Ductoad Snaptics is a development startup based in Frederick, Maryland, producing plastic snap-in connectors for HVAC systems.

Foundry owner Gary Siegle explains the lost wax process of bronze casting by following a single sculpture by artist Paul Rhymer through every stage, start to finish.

Works In Progress

I am experimenting with a range of technologies and formats partly out of curiosity, and partly to stay current with changing mediums. These are some of the projects in development that may turn into something useful to an adventurous customer.

The Albedo Generator